Vacation Station: Caribbean Flights

plane cockpit"The majority of our flying is from Northern Virginia and into the Caribbean," Dolber said. "We go to the Bahamas a lot; the Turks and Caicos; Cayman Islands."

He is a veteran traveler, but when his wife mentioned casually that there was a Vacation Station in town, he said "OK. What’s that?"

It wasn’t long before he found out not only "what" Vacation Station is but how much he could save by becoming a member. He learned firsthand that the savings can be considerable.

"How we’ve used Vacation Station is primarily through my business. I’m a corporate pilot, and I’m away from home a fair amount," Dolber said. "That means hotels, rental cars and things like that, and Vacation Station gives you a rebate off the basic rack rate."

Dolber went on to say that Vacation Station is ideal for those who do a fair amount of traveling. The Dolbers thought that a membership would work well for them, although they didn’t guess how much it ultimately would save them.

"We bought a membership in June 2009," he said. "By February 2010, I had received my purchase price back from the receipts I had submitted up to that time."

Since then, the Dolbers have continued to travel and submit receipts.

"I’m considerably ahead now," Dolber said. "Truthfully, it is about a 90-percent return on my investment. I wish my stock market portfolio did that."

Even though the seminar the Dolbers attended was impressive, they were skeptical about a plan that sounded too good to be true.

"One thing I was concerned with was their reputation because I had never heard of them. I did a check and found they were fine," he said.

Joining Vacation Station has allowed the Dolbers to visit new places in addition to his many business-related trips.

"My wife and I always wanted to take a cruise, but we didn’t have the opportunity until this year," Dolber said. "We left from Florida and went to Belize, Mexico and the Cayman Islands."

"The stateroom had a really nice balcony," he continued. "The rack rate was $3,400. When we got back, I submitted the receipt to Vacation Station and they sent me a check for $1,000."

About Vacation Station’s customer service, Dolber said, "They are great." Would he recommend Vacation Station? Absolutely, he said.

"If you do a fair amount of traveling, it works out pretty well," he concluded.

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