Hendersons Save Money on Chattanooga TN Vacation with the Vacation Station – Part 2

“We definitely plan to use The Vacation Station in the future, whether to rent a car, book another weekend trip or even something bigger. We have had so many opportunities, like when we rented a hotel room for our niece when she visited us from Nashville,” Jodi said.

The best feature of The Vacation Station, Jodi pointed out, is saving money when taking a vacation and getting a rebate check after the vacation is over.

“Discount sites on the Internet may be able to get you the same price at the beginning, but they can’t send that rebate check when it’s over. We are going to vacation anyway and The Vacation Station provides us better service than anyone I’ll find online,” she said.

All things considered, the Hendersons have enjoyed their experience with The Vacation Station and the vacations they have been able to take because they are members.

“We really enjoyed the bed and breakfast we stayed at in Kentucky. It was very quaint, and I probably wouldn’t have found it on my own,” Jodi admitted. “There were nice restaurants and Mammoth Cave National Park was beautiful. It was exactly what my husband and I wanted for the weekend.”

Traveling and spending time with family is important to The Hendersons, and they want to share their experiences with others.

“We have already recommended The Vacation Station to our friends who were scammed by another company,” said Jodi. “I am extremely pleased with our experiences and am looking forward to our upcoming cruise.”


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