Vacation Inspirations, Savannah: Across the Northern Border

Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, is home to more than a million people, so imagine the odds against one Canadian couple with travel plans between Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach in South Carolina finding a little-known spot in downtown Charleston known as Vacation Inspirations.

“We decided at the last minute to stop in Charleston, and now we can’t wait to go back,” said Patrick Dowsett. “It was while we were walking downtown in November of 2010 that we came across Vacation Inspirations, and we bought our membership. It was a very good decision.”

While Dowsett and his wife, Diana Dixon, a retired aerospace engineer with the Department of National Defence in Canada, had a taste of good food and good spirits on East Bay Street, they also found the key to their vacation bliss.

“Our first booking with Vacation Inspirations was a two-week vacation on the island of Fiji,” said Dowsett. “We stayed at two different top-notch resorts, the Tokoriki Island Resort – from our window we could see the island where the Tom Hanks movie “Castaway” was filmed – and the Outrigger Resort, which was a selection of Missie Blair of Vacation Inspirations. She had actually visited the resort and was able to recommend it personally. We were very surprised at the overall cost, and the amount of our rebate was even more thrilling.”

Choosing Fiji was easy because Dowsett and Dixon are avid scuba divers. They are already looking forward to their next trip to the Caribbean, through Vacation Inspirations, of course.

“We have received very good service from them and are saving our dollars for this next vacation. Through our first vacation, we already have earned back at least half of our startup cost, if not more, ” Dowsett said.

Patrick and Diana, both retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force, are looking forward to what the future holds.

“I was in the Air Force for 40 years as a pilot and had the pleasure of serving with many American airmen in Germany,” Dowsett commented. “We can’t wait to take more trips to the states and around the world. We would definitely recommend Vacation Inspirations to others.”

To learn more about Vacation Inspirations, visit or call (866) 587-6448.


Hendersons Save Money on Chattanooga TN Vacation with the Vacation Station – Part 2

“We definitely plan to use The Vacation Station in the future, whether to rent a car, book another weekend trip or even something bigger. We have had so many opportunities, like when we rented a hotel room for our niece when she visited us from Nashville,” Jodi said.

The best feature of The Vacation Station, Jodi pointed out, is saving money when taking a vacation and getting a rebate check after the vacation is over.

“Discount sites on the Internet may be able to get you the same price at the beginning, but they can’t send that rebate check when it’s over. We are going to vacation anyway and The Vacation Station provides us better service than anyone I’ll find online,” she said.

All things considered, the Hendersons have enjoyed their experience with The Vacation Station and the vacations they have been able to take because they are members.

“We really enjoyed the bed and breakfast we stayed at in Kentucky. It was very quaint, and I probably wouldn’t have found it on my own,” Jodi admitted. “There were nice restaurants and Mammoth Cave National Park was beautiful. It was exactly what my husband and I wanted for the weekend.”

Traveling and spending time with family is important to The Hendersons, and they want to share their experiences with others.

“We have already recommended The Vacation Station to our friends who were scammed by another company,” said Jodi. “I am extremely pleased with our experiences and am looking forward to our upcoming cruise.”


the Montagnes save money on their Vacation Station – Cruises – Part 2

Even as new members, the Montagnes received a rebate check following their vacation, in addition to initial lower rates.

“We did save money,” Carolyn continued. “Of course, we still have some money to recoup from our startup fee, but we don’t doubt that we will get it. If you travel a lot, even close-tohome vacations, it pays off.”

With family throughout the Southeast and in Michigan, there are plenty of opportunities as members of The Vacation Station for the Montagnes to continue booking hotels, rental vehicles, airlines and excursions, all at great rates and all including rebate checks when the vacation is over. “We have already booked our next vacation through The Vacation Station. It is one we’ve wanted to do for years, a Roman cruise across the Mediterranean, and The Vacation Station has already set us up at a nice location and got us a good price,” Carolyn said.


the Montagnes save money on their Vacation Station – Cruises – Part 1

People who are accustomed to island living know how to enjoy the laid-back lifestyle, so it’s not surprising that the Montagne family of Pawleys Island, South Carolina, enjoyed their most recent 14-day vacation to the island of St. Martin.

Robert and Carolyn traveled with their family to Philipsburg on the Dutch side of the island.

“We chose St. Martin because we had stopped there previously on a cruise and knew we wanted to go back. The food was good and it has beautiful scenery,” said Carolyn Montagne. “It is a very relaxing place to go, with beautiful water. I recommend anyone to take a trip out there.”

As new members of The Vacation Station, their trip to St. Martin was their first booking.

“Everything, all of the scheduling, was done promptly, within 48 hours of me contacting them,” said Carolyn. “The whole experience was great and St. Martin was very pretty.”

“The Vacation Station placed us at a great resort that had a good price and location. Since we travel often to see family and usually stay in nearby hotels, we appreciate the prompt rebate checks,” she added.


Hendersons Save Money on Chattanooga TN Vacation with the Vacation Station – Part 1

In the first six months we have been members, we took a trip to Chattanooga, Tenn., in October, rented a car in March and had a weekend getaway to a Bed and Breakfast in Glasgow, Ky.,” boasted Jodi Henderson.

“The Vacation Station is very helpful and prompt, whether I contact them by email or by phone,” said Jodi. “They are very customer-service oriented and just keep getting better.”

The Hendersons have utilized the travel agency to book hotels, services and rental cars…

Vacation Station – Savannah

“Elizabeth Flanders opted to spend her most recent birthday in Savannah. The one-hour trip from nearby Statesboro was a parents’ getaway, a low-key day of fun and relaxation in one of America’s most enchanting cities. Mother Nature cooperated with her plans.”

“The weather was great for Feb. 26,” Elizabeth commented. “It was like a spring day.”
Elizabeth and her husband, Jeffrey, visit Savannah often. On this special day, they strolled along the River Walk and sat by the water, soaking up the enticing atmosphere of the Savannah River and watching the boats drift past. Tubby’s Tank House was the venue for her birthday celebration, and Tubby sent over a dessert on the house.

“Savannah is a romantic place for couples,” the birthday girl pointed out. “There are hotels right on River Street, and you can walk the beautiful cobblestone streets. There are shops galore, or you can just sit at the river’s edge and watch the boats go by.”

On this trip, encouraged by an offer of free airline tickets and a two-night hotel stay, the Flanders’ took the time to attend a presentation by Vacation Station. As a birthday present for Elizabeth, they joined the vacation club.

“We want to go to the western Caribbean and Mexico and maybe Hawaii, if we live long enough,” she commented.

Though this trip was for Elizabeth and Jeffrey, their children, 13-year-old Rebecca and 11-year-old Dalton, often join them. When they stay overnight, the River Street Inn is their favorite hotel.

“We recommend going to the riverfront,” Elizabeth suggested. “There is always something going on. There is a large variety of places to eat, like Wet Willie’s and The Warehouse Bar & Grill. My family loves any restaurant that serves seafood, especially the Shrimp Factory. Our son likes to watch the boats, and Rebecca loves to look through the shops, and, of course, they both adore the sweet shops. I prefer Savannah Sweets, particularly their caramel apples with nuts.”

Elizabeth pointed out that she and Jeffrey chose to join Vacation Station for the convenience of having a person to talk with about their vacation needs. She added that membership includes many other privileges.

“We love to cruise, and Vacation Station offers many good deals,” she said. “We can offer our friends and family discounted trips and get paid to travel. We look forward to using our membership during our retirement years, which are still some 15 years away. In the meantime, we plan to take a few weekend trips and a couple of cruises.”

For more information, contact Vacation Station at (800) 692-1587 or visit

James Oglethorpe’s Savannah, Georgia

Savannah has survived devastating fires, powerful hurricanes, rampant epidemics, several wars and destructive insects to become one of America’s most beautiful cities.

Georgia’s first city, Savannah was established in 1733, west of where the river of the same name meets the Atlantic Ocean, by Gen. James Oglethorpe. The colony of Georgia, the last of the original 13, was a haven for England’s working poor, who flocked to the New World looking for a new start. Under the colony’s original charter, rum, lawyers and slavery were forbidden, at least for a while.

Oglethorpe designed America’s first planned city with wide-open streets and shady public squares and parks, and 21 of Savannah’s original 24 squares are still around.

Savannah suffered through major fires in 1796 and 1820, a virulent outbreak of yellow fever, the occupation of enemy forces during the American Revolution and the Civil War and the wrath of boll weevils, which all but destroyed the state’s cotton crop and economy on the eve of the Great Depression. Each time, the city and its hardy inhabitants bounced back economically, culturally and aesthetically, maintaining the charm and historical significance that draws millions of visitors each year.

“Oglethorpe designed America’s first planned city with wide-open streets…”

Many of them get around Savannah the same way people did nearly three centuries ago–on foot. There’s good reason Walking magazine has cited Savannah among the “Top 10 Walking Cities” in America. The Meeting District downtown is home to 17 hotels, and most are near fine restaurants, entertainment and night life. For those who choose not to walk, pedicabs, limousines, trolley cars and river ferries are readily available.

Savannah’s Historic District, a National Historic Landmark, features many restored buildings, including The Pirates’ House, an inn mentioned in Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island”; The Herb House, the oldest building in Georgia; The Pink House, the site of Georgia’s first bank; and the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.

Among Savannah’s restored churches are the Lutheran Church of the Ascension; the Independent Presbyterian Church; the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, one of the largest Roman Catholic churches in the South; the First African Baptist Church; and Temple Mickeve Israel, the third oldest synagogue in America.